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Deviant Art Account.

2011-07-15 13:22:46 by Headchef157

Hello Everyone,

I recently have opened up a DeviantArt account which can be viewed here: HeadChef157's DeviantArt

This account will feature a few boredom drawings and some photoshopped photography. (Niether of those are allowed on the Newgrounds Art Portal).

My Profile and User Pictures are both available on DeviantArt as well.

In Summary, I highly recommend you check it out, here's the link again: HeadChef157's DeviantArt


My New Art Submission

2011-07-08 17:15:47 by Headchef157

I have just uploaded a drawing that I made in the occasions of Summertime boredom.

Link to the Pic: Scourge The Hedgehog (Black & White Work in Progress)

As I said before, this is completely a product of boredom, so don't hate but constructive criticism is welcome.

I will produce a Photoshoped color copy made in the Sonic Adventure style sometime in the future. If someone else would like to color it, that's fine by me, just mention me in the Tags/Commentary.


My Music Being Uploaded

2011-06-14 23:43:02 by Headchef157

For those of you have seen me on YouTube [My YouTube Channel] you know how I have made a few songs in the past. All of those and new songs will be posted in the Audio Portal. From now on, my songs will be posted on Newgrounds ONLY. All of my old songs will be dumped into Audio Portal over the course of the week, and expect new ones in the future.